Dog Obedience And Why It's Important

There is nothing more frustrating and embarrassing than to be the owner of "that dog". The dog that either jumps all over everyone, refuses to come when called, or starts a fight. Any problem behaviors in your dog can cause a lot of angst and stress. Many times it is so stressful you are embarrassed to have people come over to your home or go out into public, which is why dog training is so important.

A dog that is unable to be walked without pulling their owner, eventually never leaves the yard. The dog that continually barks, leads to irate neighbors and letters from the council. A dog that jumps or bites can lead to legal action against you. The dog that chews up valuable objects can lead to a very irate family and possibly large vet bills. You want to avoid all of these by taking steps to help your dog become better behaved.

Know this you are not alone many people get a dog and have full intentions of training their dog but life gets in the way and you get busy. You take very good care of your dog and take them to the vet regularly but don’t fall into the cycle of just accepting the behavior that that stresses you or embarrasses you because there is help.

The end of August and beginning of September bring back thoughts of one thing - back to school. September is a great time to take that leap, to finally investigate getting your dog educated.