5 Important Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Exercise and obedience training are good for your dog and aid in preventing dog behavior problems. However, use common sense when taking your dog out on extremely hot days. Here are some tips that can help your dog beat the heat:

Follow your pooch's lead. The No. 1 sign that a dog's core temperature is getting too high is fatigue... if he's searching for every shady spot to lie down in, turn around and carry him home. Remember, he can’t speak to let you know his discomfort so be sensitive and smart for his sake.

Don't let the temperature fool you. Dogs can get too hot in weather as low as 80 degrees. Add in humidity and exercise and it could be a recipe for disaster. Carry water with you if you go for a run with your dog and take frequent breaks. Shorter runs are better, so don't require your dog to run miles with you in the heat.

Change your walking time. Dogs still need activity in the summer, but it's best to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Avoid running with or exercising your dog outside mid-day. Schedule your time early or late when it's cooler. Remember his pads may burn on hot surfaces, so we recommend that you try standing bare foot on the surface that you plan to walk or run on in as a test.

Don't give your dog a haircut. You may be tempted to shave your pup's thick hair in an effort to cool him off for the summer, but it could do more harm than good. A dog's coat provides a buffer to help him regulate his body temperature. Dogs can also sunburn. If your dog has a short coat, be concerned about how long he is out in the sun for.

Don't use ice. If your dog shows signs of heatstroke, wet him down with room temperature water and put him in front of a fan. Never be afraid to call your vet. They are there for your pet's safety and protection. Dog's can only relieve sweating through panting and through their paws. You can take a bowl of room temperature water and soak his paws in it to provide comfort.

And if you're planning on running errands with your dog in the car in the heat... Three words of advice "Don't do it!"

Source: petmd.com