How to Get the Most Out of Your Obedience Training Sessions With Your Dog

Congrats on making the decision to train your dog! Having a professional Dog Trainer to guide you in the training process is a huge asset. Here's a few tips to help you and your dog make the most out of each session with your trainer. 

  1. Take care of "business" ahead of time - Be sure that your dog doesn't have any potty business to attend to prior to training time. Having to "go" is a sure way to keep his mind off the task at hand. 
  2. Avoid nap time - Try not to schedule training sessions during what you know to be your pet's usual nap or bed time. Sleepy dogs tend to lose focus easily. 
  3. It's a family affair - Get the whole family involved! Training should be fun, so don't hesitate to get the kids on board. Plus, training is most effective when everyone is on the same page. 
  4. Choose a training location - Pick a place in or around your home that will be ideal for training. Initially, your dog will learn best in a calm and distraction free environment. Also be aware of your pet's limitations and how his environment will impact his success. For example, if your floors are slippery, your dog may have difficulty with Sit. 
  5. To feed or not to feed - Prior to a training or homework session, it's best that your dog doesn't have a full stomach. Many dogs are motivated and will work for treats! If your dog is too full, he may not be motivated to work for the treats you offer him. Conversely, if your dog is starving, he may be too hungry to focus. 

Training can be tough, and not all dogs learn at the same pace or are motivated by the same things. If you have questions or frustrations, or would like to meet with a Canine Company Obedience Trainer, give us a call at 800-818-3647! At Canine Company, we're always ready to talk about your dog.