How to Get your Dog’s Fall Shedding Under Control
October is a good time to give our dogs' skin and hair a little extra attention. After months of enjoying the great outdoors, many are suffering from tangled coats, skin irritation and other problems.

What's more, dogs are now losing their summer coats so their warmer, winter fur can grow in -- and that means lots more shed hair around the house!

Here's what our professional groomers recommend to get these problems under control.

  • Start with a deep brushing, preferably outdoors so the shedding hair doesn't cover the furniture. Carefully work out any mats and tangles. If your dog is badly matted, seek the help of a professional who can address the problem humanely.
  • Check for parasites. Flea and tick season isn't over, so while you're brushing, inspect for signs of fleas, ticks and other parasites. It's critical to keep up parasite prevention treatments; those pests will be looking to hitch a ride indoors before the winter cold arrives.
  • Shampoo thoroughly to remove dust, dirt, mold and shed hair. Follow with a conditioner to moisturize sun-damaged skin. Towel dry, then brush and comb the coat. To blow-dry, set your home hair dryer on the coolest setting so it doesn't burn your dog's skin.
  • Do an ear check for problems that may be triggered by summer swims. If your dog's ears have an odor or if he is scratching at them, see your veterinarian.
  • Do a foot check by spreading the pads and looking between the toes. Look for signs of redness and irritation from exposure to lawn chemicals. Clean and treat if needed. Trim nails and excess hair between the pads.
A major grooming is a big job and we can help. In select markets, our Mobile Pet Spa will come right to your driveway to handle these tasks. You'll have a clean and comfortable dog -- and we'll take away all the shed hair and mess!