Give Yourself a Responsible Dog Ownership Check-upSeptember is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, a good time for us to think about whether we are doing all we can to keep our canine companions healthy, safe and happy. Being a good pet parent is a lifelong commitment to doing the right things. 

Take our five-question quiz to see if you are doing all the right things for your pet:
  1. Do you make regular visits to the vet?
    Give yourself a thumbs up! Dogs need annual wellness checks and regular vaccination updates. Don't wait until your dog is sick or injured to visit a veterinarian. 

  2. Do you give your dog plenty of exercise?
    Exercise is good for both of you. Small or large, high energy or couch potato, every dog needs daily exercise for health and wellbeing. 

  3. Do you practice training commands with your dog?
    If so, you probably have a happy pup. Training not only improves behavior, it provides intellectual stimulation, gives him a "job" and enhances his bond with you. 

  4. Do you groom your dog frequently?
    You're keeping her healthy as well as happy. Regular grooming -- brushing, bathing and nail trims -- makes your pet nice to be near, but also keeps her skin and coat healthy, and helps you identify potential problems early. 

  5. Do you keep your dog safe?
    Always walking your dog on a leash, and keeping him safe in your yard with a physical fence or electronic fence system like the Invisible Fence® brand will contribute to a long and happy life for your canine friend. 
How did you score? If you checked five out of five, congratulations on being a responsible dog owner! If you missed a couple, our team of pet care professionals is here to help with your Invisible Fence® brand, Manners training and grooming needs.