Dos and Don’ts for Bringing your Dog to Work

Dog lovers everywhere will be taking their canine companions to work this week, celebrating their bond with their pet.  

Here at Canine Company, we bring our dogs to work with us every day. But introducing a dog into most other workplaces requires some preparation. 

Our experts have a few tips to help you make sure the experience is a pleasant one for both pets and coworkers.

First, think about your dog's temperament and training:

  • Is your pet friendly and relaxed around both people and other dogs?
  • Is he reliably housetrained (marking the office carpet is a no-no!)
  • Does she cry from separation anxiety when you leave the room, or just lie down and take a nap?
Not every dog is a candidate for a day at the office, so be honest with yourself!

Second, think about your co-workers' needs. A colleague with severe allergies or an overwhelming fear of dogs won't be comfortable around even the best-behaved canine. (And remember that behaviors you find cute may not be well received by others.)

If you decide your dog is a good candidate for an office visit, be sure to pack the following equipment to ensure things go smoothly:

  • A pet gate, so you can restrict your pet to your office area or cubicle. 
  • A water bowl and treats, plus a plastic mat for under the bowl (to prevent carpet stains). 
  • Plastic bags for cleaning up after your pet. 
With a little planning, the day can be a success for everyone involved!