Are Your Pets Protected Against Parasites?Flea and tick season is starting early this year for much of the northeastern U.S. and pest control experts are predicting 2018 will see a bumper crop of the problem parasites. 

Pet parents need to act now to protect dogs and cats from tick- and flea-borne illnesses. Prevention, with regular use of a parasite control product, is the best way to keep pets healthy. But it's also important to monitor for parasites with a bi-weekly grooming. 

Our grooming experts recommend doing a thorough brushing -- preferably on the patio so parasites are left outdoors. As you work, feel for bumps on your dog's skin that might be ticks and carefully dislodge them with a tick remover. Clean the area with an antiseptic. 

If you see small, fast-moving dark specks, your pet has fleas and may need the professional help of a groomer or vet. In addition to a flea treatment for your dog, you'll need to deep clean all carpets, couches and bedding your dog has used. 

Next, bathe the dog using warm, not hot, water. It's often easier to see these parasites while the coat is wet, so it's good to examine again for signs of fleas or ticks. Once the coat has dried completely, apply Frontline or Sentry Natural Defense, following label instructions. Treatments should be repeated monthly to prevent flea infestations, Lyme disease and other parasite-born illnesses. 

Regular grooming will help you stay ahead of parasite problems, but you must repeat the routine frequently. If you don't want to deal with parasites yourself, a professional groomer, like our Mobile Pet Spa specialists, can help.