Shelter Appreciation Week: Adopt Don’t Shop!The first week in November is recognized as National Animal Shelter Appreciation week and is a great opportunity to show how thankful we are for those who care for our homeless four-legged friends. Every year, approximately 6.5 million pets go through animal shelters and dogs over the age of 6 are at the most risk of being overlooked.

Looking for ways to help? The best way is to adopt pets from a shelter. While not everyone can make this full-time commitment, you can also look into fostering. Shelters will foster animals to anyone who can help, while they search for their forever home. This opens up space at the shelter for other dogs or cats in need. You could potentially be saving two lives - the homeless pet that now has a place to stay at the shelter and the pet you have welcomed into your home.

If neither of these options work for you, donating goes a long way. Whether it's pet toys, blankets, cleaning items or cash, be sure that you are donating directly to your local shelters. Many shelters have a list of items they are in desperate need of. Shelters are also always looking for an extra set of hands, so be sure to contact your local animal shelters to find out when you can volunteer.

Spread the word; it costs nothing. Just by simply sharing photos and posts from local animal shelters, you are helping the chance of that dog or cat finding their forever home. Follow some of our local shelter partners on Facebook by clicking on these links: DAWS, ROAR, NSALA, MSPCA, ARLNH, SAVE and Little Pink Shelter.

Shelters are on the front lines saving millions of pets a year, so please be sure to share this with pet parents of all kinds.

Remember: adopt don't shop! 🐶