Helping Teens with Autism Prepare for the Working WorldFor teens everywhere, joining the workforce can be challenging. For young adults with autism and other learning disabilities, that can challenge can be overwhelming.

That's why Canine Company has partnered with the non-profit agency Milestones Behavioral Services to help those young people develop the skills they need to become valued members of the workforce. Each month, we host a group of Milestone students, ages 16 to 19, for a work-and-training-day.

During their most recent visit, earlier this week, the team packed batteries to subscription fulfillment. The students were eager to learn and ready to work. And, while the assignment seems straight forward, for these young adults, mastering the skills needed to work in a business setting is a big step. They gain skills and confidence with each visit.

Although the students participate in similar training days at other organizations, they say they like being at Canine Company best because the staff dogs come to visit them while they work.

The idea for getting involved with Milestones came from a Canine Company employee. Giving back to the community is in our DNA and we especially like supporting causes that are important to our employees.

Milestones is based in Orange, CT and provides services for individuals with autism, Asperger's syndrome and related disorders to improve their lives and enable them to become contributing members within their communities. For more about Milestones, go to