Canine Company Donates Pet Oxygen Masks to 60 More Communities!When fire strikes, pets are at special risk because they can't get out of the house. They often suffer smoke inhalation and -- when rescued - need oxygen. But without special oxygen masks designed to fit over an animal's snout, first responders are often unable to help.

That's why we created our Canine Saves campaign: to ensure fire departments and first aid squads in the communities where our clients have the necessary equipment to save pets' lives in emergencies.

During 2016, we donated 126 sets of pet oxygen masks to 60 fire departments and rescue squads across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and New Jersey.

The masks are designed in a cone shape to fit securely over an animal's snout. Each set includes masks in three sizes to fit pets ranging from small mammals like rabbits to giant-breed dogs. The masks connect to the standard oxygen tanks rescue teams carry.

Four first responder teams actually put their new masks to use to resuscitate family pets rescued in home fires during the year.

We also provided first responders with more than 2,500 "Pets Inside" decals to distribute to families with pets in their communities. When affixed to the front door or window, the decals alert first responders that there are pets in the home.

At Canine Company, our mission is to help families keep their pets healthy, safe and happy at home. We do that with the products and services we offer and it's the focus of our charitable programs, too. We look forward to continuing to donate these masks to first responders in communities we serve in the coming year. Fire and EMS chiefs whose departments do not yet have the masks can learn more here.