More Myths and Misconceptions About Dog Obedience TrainingTeaching good manners is one of our responsibilities as pet parents. But, with so much misinformation circulating in our digital world, it can be hard to separate myth from reality.

In our last post, we focused on some of the most common misconceptions about puppy training Canine Company trainers encounter. Here are three other myths that apply to dogs of all ages:

Myth: You can't train an older dog.
Reality: There's no such thing as a dog too old to be trained. In fact, dogs are learning their entire lives. With any dog, patience and consistency are keys to success. The biggest issue with an older dog may be that he has developed some unwanted behaviors that need to be "unlearned."

Myth: If you train with food, your dog won't obey without it.
Reality: Behaviors that are rewarded are more likely to be repeated, so when we regularly reward our dogs for a job well done, they'll want to keep performing! It doesn't always have to be food. Find whatever motivates your dog -- it might be praise or petting - and use this to help them to become addicted to training.

Myth: My dog knows he did something wrong, because he looks guilty.
Reality: That so-called "guilty" look really is your dog's learned response to your angry or upset body language. Dogs learn to read our body language when "something is wrong" and they respond accordingly with body language intended to appease us. WE interpret it as guilt, but they have no idea they did something wrong.

Have a different behavioral problem? Our Manners obedience trainers can customize a solution for you and your dog.