Halloween Pet Safety RemindersOur pets require special attention during Halloween. While some enjoy the festivities, many are upset or frightened by the strange sights and sounds.

It's important to keep our dogs and cats safe -- not from goblins, but from real Halloween dangers. Here are four important reminders:


  1. Don't leave any pet alone outside after dusk. Black cats in particular may fall victim to tricksters. If your pet becomes anxious because of the constantly ringing doorbell, confine her to a quiet room away from the activity.

  2. Some pets will try to run after trick-or-treaters in excitement. Be sure your pet is wearing his computer collar - even in the house - so he will be contained to your yard if that happens. If you decide to take him trick-or-treating, be sure he is wearing identification tags in case he runs off.

  3. Choose pet costumes that won't restrict your pet's vision or ability to move. Be sure there are no small pieces your pet can swallow. Introduce the costume a few days in advance so she gets used to it. Our Manners dog trainers recommend offering a treat and praise to help with the process.

  4. Keep candy out of reach. Chocolate is toxic for dogs; so is xylitol, the artificial sweetener used in many candies and gums. It's best to have treats that are safe for your dog in your pocket or close at hand to distract pets from candy.


Halloween can be a fun - and safe - night for the entire family - with a little advance planning and some extra care.