Is Your Dog Suffering From the Back-to-School Blues?Has the family dog suddenly developed some bad behaviors - like chewing on furniture or shoes, barking excessively and even soiling in the house?

It could be the back-to-school blues. After having the kids to play with all summer, he suddenly finds himself alone most of the day. Not only are the kids gone all day for school and afternoon activities, but when they come home, they're too busy with homework for play time.

Dogs are happiest when they have a routine and the change from summer to school-year schedule can be hard on them.

But there are solutions. Our dog obedience trainers have worked with thousands of pets and families to solve behavioral problems. Here's what they suggest:

  1. Pump up the exercise. A well-exercised dog is a happy dog, so take her for a long walk in the morning, and have the kids play an active round of fetch with her when they get home. If that doesn't fit into your schedule, hire a Pet Sitter to get her up and out for some exercise during the middle of the day.
  2. Add mental stimulation. Fill a treat-dispensing ball with your dog's kibble before the family heads out for the day. Working for his meal will keep him occupied for hours.
  3. Take a training refresher. Dog obedience training skills can lapse during the unstructured summer months. Training can make a big difference in any pet's behavior.  A professional, like our Manners trainers, will customize a training program for your dog's and your needs.

With a little extra attention and a lot of patience, you can help your family dog make the transition to the school-year schedule.