Why You Should Tell the World your Property is “Canine Protected”

We all know that having a dog in the family brings us happiness and companionship.

But did you know that your canine best friend also can help protect your home from intruders? Home security experts say that burglars intentionally avoid homes with dogs, because they know a barking dog will draw attention to their presence.

In fact, having a dog is one of the top four deterrents -- right after outdoor cameras, alarm signs and people in the house -- according to a study by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice*. Researchers talked to more than 420 convicted burglars about how they decided which homes to target, and which to avoid.

Protecting your home is just one reason we recommend posting Canine Company's "Dog in Training" and "Dog Protected" signs on your property.

These signs also let neighbors, delivery people and others know there the dog running freely on the property is contained by an underground fence system. That will reassure neighbors that your dog won't run out into the road after their child's bike or to attack the dog they are leash-walking.

Importantly, the sign also alerts drivers to proceed slowly when they pull into your driveway -- preventing a potential tragedy when a delivery truck or a visitor's car accidentally hits your dog.

We know signs get beaten up and knocked down by snowplows, lawn mowers and extreme weather. So, because we believe having an up-to-date sign is so important, that we are offering to send one, free of charge, to any Canine Company customer.

For details, click here. Supplies are limited, so order yours now to keep your home and your dog protected.

*Understanding Decisions To Burglarize From The Offender's Perspective