Five New Year Resolutions Pet Parents Should Make

The arrival of the new year creates an urge to self improve-- whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking or increasing exercise.

This year, why not make a resolution that’s good for your pet, too?  After all, they can’t improve their diet or get more exercise on their own; they depend upon us to make their lives healthy, safe and happy. 

We asked our Canine Company pet care professionals for their advice on the best resolutions pet parents can make to help their furry family members thrive in 2016.  Here’s what they said:

1.   Schedule a health check with your veterinarian.An annual screening is the best way to catch health problems early.Keeping up with routine vaccinations also ensures your pet is protected against serious diseases.

2.   Make grooming a routine.  To keep skin and coat healthy, pets should be brushed several times a week. Shampoos and hair cuts are needed every six to eight weeks, depending upon coat length. If big tasks are too time-consuming, schedule regular appointments with a professional groomer to keep pets healthy and comfortable.

 3.   Monitor diet and exercise.  Our pets need regular exercise and quality nutrition to maintain good health. Schedule playtimes, walks or romps every day to keep pets moving. Consult your vet about the best food for your pet’s age and activity level. 

 4.   Keep them safe. Don’t let dogs or cats roam free because they could be hit by a car: sadly, more than six million pets die that way every year.  Always walk your dog on a leash and install electronic fencing like an Invisible Fence®brand system to keep pets safely at home in your yard.

 5.   Devote time to training. Whether it’s reinforcing basic obedience skills or teaching a new trick, it’s a life-long necessity for dogs.  Even more important than managing behavior, training provides mental stimulation and enhances dogs’ bond with their human companions.Check out our page on Manners training for more.