Questions to Ask the Pet Sitter for your Family’s Peace of Mind

Pet sitting is an increasingly popular choice for pet parents who must leave the family dog or cat behind when they go out of town. Knowing the family pet is in a comfortable, familiar environment, rather than at a kennel, takes some of the worry out of leaving.


But not all pet sitters are created equal, and pet parents should take the time to find atop-notch pet sitting service you can trust.


Our experts recommend asking prospective sitters the following before leaving your pet in their care:


What’s your training?  The kid next door or neighbor down the block may love animals, but probably doesn’t have the training or experience necessary.You want to leave your pet in the care of someone who understands animal behavior and can identify and address any problems that may arise.

Do you have professional backup? What happens if the sitter can’t make it?  Does he or she have a professional support system of people qualified to care for pets?If not, who – if anyone – will be coming in to your home?

Are you first aid and CPR certified?  What will happen if there’s a health emergency?  Will your sitter be able to recognize and address the problem before it’s too late?

How many times a day will you visit?  And how long is each visit?  Every pet’s needs are unique, depending upon age, temperament and household routine.  If the sitter can’t accommodate your pet, you should look elsewhere.

Are you reachable by phone 24/7?   During what hours can the sitter be reached if you have an emergency or you have a concern about your pet?  Will your call roll into voice mail and sit unanswered for hours?


At Canine Company, we’ve recently added pet sitting services in a limited number of communities. For more information see our Pet Sitting page.