Does Your Dog Have the Winter Blues? Try These Boredom Busters!

Could your pet be bored?  He’s stuck inside all day while you're at work and the kids are at school …  then just gets just a quick walk in the evening because it’s cold and dark out and the sidewalks are icy.

Boredom can lead problem behaviors like incessant barking, scratching at doors and chewing on furniture so it’s important to address boredom before those problems begin.

We asked our trainers for tips on how to keep pets entertained during the long,dark winter months.  Here are five ideas that can help:

·Get Creative With Treats: There are many interactive toys that can keep your pet entertained when you don't have time or when you are not around. You can stuff a KONG with a favorite treat and peanut butter. To make it last longer, put it in the freezer before giving it to your dog.

·Change Up the Toys: You don't have to buy new toys to keep things fresh for your dog. Just pick up all her toys and divide them into several groups. Put out one group and hide the rest. Next week, put out a different group of toys. Your dog will think you went shopping!

·Dinner Hunt: Rather than feeding your dog from a food bowl, sprinkle her kibble around the room and let her “hunt” for her meal.  Or try an interactive feed ball that makes your dog work to get his food.

·Train His Brain: Winter is a great time to practice new obedience skills. A little practice every day will keep him engaged and strengthens his bond with you. Not sure how to get started?  Our Manners training is conveniently offered in your home and customized to your pet’s needs.


Combining or alternating these activities can help get your pet through the winter months.  And, if all else fails, remember spring isn’t far away.