Bayville First Responders Have New Tool to Save Pets’ Lives

Bayville families with pets here can breathe a little easier knowing that local first responders have a new life-saving tool for pets: Canine Company donated two sets of pet oxygen masks to the Bayville Volunteer First Aid Squad and Fire Department. The donation was part of Project Breathe, a national initiative started by Invisible Fence to outfit first responders across the country with these life-saving masks.

Because pets don’t know to get out of the house when there’s a fire, they hide and often end up with smoke inhalation. Human oxygen masks don’t fit over an animal’s snout, so rescue personnel have difficulty resuscitating them. The specially designed pet masks make it possible for rescue personnel to deliver life-saving oxygen to pets on the scene.

Bayville EMT Rich Foster contacted Canine Company after a recent attempt to resuscitate a small dog that was swept into a lagoon during the high winds from hurricane Joaquin. "We tried to revive the dog with an oxygen mask that we use for infants, but were unsuccessful,” explained Foster. 

Foster, who has two dogs of his own, wondered if they had done everything possible. Through online research, he discovered not only that there are masks designed for animals, but that Canine Company would donate a set to his unit through its partnership with Invisible Fence on Project Breathe.  He requested a set for his unit and one for Bayville Volunteer Fire.

“I don’t know if having the correct mask would have made a difference, but if this happens again, having the correct mask will make us feel that we tried to provide the best care for the patient," Foster said.

Canine Company serves pets and pet parents across New Jersey and hopes to get these life-saving masks into the hands of every fire department that serves them. So far, the company has donated more than 500 sets of masks to 150 fire and rescue teams across the Northeast Over two dozen New Jersey communities have received the masks so far this year. Each set contains three reusable masks in sizes for small, medium and large pets. All connect to standard oxygen tanks that rescue teams carry. Fire and first aid teams that do not yet have the masks are encouraged to request them by going to